Video: LeSweetpea reviews Vanity Girl Hollywood Vanity Mirror

I just love a good #tb and here’s a video review by LeSweetpea aka Paris, a 4th year Japanese Language and Culture major at UCLA. She creates weekly videos about College life, Japan, Beauty & Curly Hair and she actually won this Hollywood Vanity from an Octoly contest. (BTW, I didn’t facilitate that contest).

She’s so cute in it … she talks about how she ran the statistics on her chances of winning. Let’s hear it for STEM girls!

Here’s a couple of tips she/we have when unboxing your Vanity Girl Hollywood mirror:

  1. Take off the plastic before attaching the the base. She actually had to redo it. Side note, you can also order a wall-mount kit (similar to flat-screen TV) if you need that option - hey there tiny dorm rooms.
  2. Recruit a friend. You may need help getting it out of the box and/or putting it up on a table. She had to call in her fashionable mom in to help her because yes, it weighs very close to 50 lbs.
  3. If you plan to use this like a sit-down vanity area, you will need a lower table. A lot of Vanity Girls opt to use the IKEA Malm system
  4. Use primer and makeup setting spray if you're going to film an unboxing video. You may break a sweat :)
  5. Finally, test your bulbs before the final reveal. Sometimes they don’t work which is why we give you extras in the box and you can always contact us if your original ones don’t work the first time.

Thanks for watching! Make sure to subscribe to LeSweetpea’s channel for more juicy content. If you want a White Broadway Hollywood Vanity Mirror like hers for your dorm room or Vanity area, click here.




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